James’ Testimony


My name is James and what brought me here to the Mission was a crack addiction. Crack took me so far down. I’ve been so ashamed and beat down.

Crack cocaine took me down so bad that I finally cried out – and the Lord made it possible for me to come back. I came here on the 29th of September, and on the 16th of October, I was saved – I came into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and that is the difference in my life. Today I’m a free person, a born-again Christian. I know that to be the Truth. It’s not just by mere thinking but by seeing things differently. The Lord is doing things I’ve never experienced before: He’s made me free and delivered me from the lifestyle of sin. And it involves a lot – that lifestyle of lying and being in bondage to my own self. I no longer have to pretend – I have the mask off now.

I’m just excited about what Jesus is doing and look forward to living the rest of my life under the Holy Spirit. I’m looking forward to returning back to the Mission one day to share greater testimonies about what the Lord is continuing to do in my life and talking of the goodness of God to the people that would be here: to continue to share the message of hope; of change; of life. Of our Great Deliverer, who desires “that all men should be saved, and none should be lost.”

I’m excited about what God is going to do. He’s changed my life here at the Rescue Mission. Change is real.