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Plates of Plenty is a campaign to raise awareness and funds to combat hunger in our community. Proceeds will help the Mission Food Program at the Westminster Rescue Mission purchase, warehouse, and provide meat, fresh produce, dairy, and dry goods to our partner network of food pantries, soup kitchens, local charities, and agencies across Carroll County.

The Mission Food Program's Impact


Westminster Rescue Mission is dedicated to overcoming the growing problem of food insecurity and hunger in our surrounding communities. The Mission Food Program — the largest re-distributor of food in Carroll County — provides hunger relief through our distribution network and community outreach services in partnership with dozens of area agencies and charities.

In 2023 the Mission Food Program at the Westminter Rescue Mission...

Dine with Purpose

Did you know...

more than 27% of students in Carroll County Public Schools received free or reduced meals in 2023-2024? Without that safety net of meals at school, summer break means higher grocery bills and hunger for food insecure families.

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Carroll County is one of the wealthier counties in Maryland, blessed with rolling farmland, vibrant small towns, and bedroom communities for workers in the Baltimore-Washington region. Despite this wealth, there are families among us who are struggling to make ends meet.  Even among those who are keeping up, many may be one car repair or medical bill away from having to choose between expenses.

Ironically, sometimes the residents surrounded by farms in our more rural areas have the biggest challenge to access food, because there aren’t full-service grocery stores nearby.  Even in the wealthiest areas of the county – southern communities along I-70 and Liberty Road (MD-26) – approximately 20% of working families are struggling or are living paycheck to paycheck, one unexpected bill away from having to choose between necessities.  Further north and west in the county, the numbers are more challenging, with 40%-60% of employed households in some communities at or below the income threshold to be able to consistently meet basic costs of living.  Source: The United Way: United for ALICE.

2023 Food Insecurity Index. Courtesy of Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County


Visit a Partner Restaurant
Visit a Partner Restaurant
Donate Food

Visit a Partner Restaurant in July

In 2024 we are piloting a program with partner restaurants across the county to reach the dining public and educate them about food insecurity and the needs right here in our back yard.  Diners will have an opportunity to add a donation “Plate of Plenty” to their bill, which the restaurant will forward to the Mission Food Program at the end of the event.  Invite friends to join you and everyone can donate Plates of Plenty.

  1. Greenmount Station, Hampstead – July 1-31
  2. Maggie’s Restaurant, Westminster – July 1-31
  3. Twin Arch Tavern, Mount Airy – July 1-31
  4. Liberatore’s, Eldersburg – July 21 - 27


 Financial support is vital, enabling the Mission Food Program to purchase what is needed at a specific moment.

  1. Host a FUND DRIVE to support the Mission Food Program!
    1. Get the whole family involved and have the children host a lemonade stand;
    2. Host a fundraising party at your house and invite your friends to bring their checkbook! Keeping with the theme, try to create the menu from shelf staple foods or below a certain budget.
  2. Partner with a local venue to have a fundraising night open to the public – consider bowling alleys, golf courses, and other popular destinations.
  3. If you would prefer to donate by check, make it out to Westminster Rescue Mission with Plates of Plenty in the memo line. Mail it to:
    Westminster Rescue Mission
    PO BOX 285
    Westminster, MD 21158

Donate Food

Donate food – from your family, or organize a food drive. Keep it local, and deliver it to your nearest food pantry, who will know what is most needed in your neighborhood.  To join our county-wide food drive, visit Feeding Carroll Together.


  • Help us PURCHASE NUTRITIOUS FOOD – meats, dairy, eggs, produce – that have high demand but low supply or are too perishable to be part of traditional food donation drives. As a partner of the Maryland Food Bank, the Mission Food Program has access to bulk foods priced at a steep discount specific for the food bank network.


  • Help us DELIVER TO CARROLL COUNTY by offsetting the costs to maintain our fleet of trucks, refrigerators and freezers, fork lifts, and pallet jacks.



Top Sponsors

ACNB Insurance Services

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Knorr Brake Company


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These materials have been specifically designed and formatted for use on Instagram and Facebook to promote Plates of Plenty. Feel free to utilize them on your social media channels to raise awareness about our initiative.

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Summer is here, but for many families, it's the hungriest time of the year. Over 27% of Carroll County students rely on school meals that are now unavailable. Join us in supporting these families through @WRMOrg Plates of Plenty initiative! 🍽️ 

 Visit to learn how you can help. 


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Have you heard about Plates of Plenty? It's an initiative to combat hunger right here in CARROLL COUNTY, MD and it's easy to participate in.

Simply dine at a participating partner restaurant in the month of July and add a donated "plate" to your bill. Proceeds help @wrmorg purchase nutritious foods like meats, dairy, and produce that are in high demand. Together, we can make a difference in Carroll County. 


🍽️ Maggie's (@maggieswestminster)

🍽️ Twin Arch Tavern (@twinarchtavern)

🍽️ Liberatore's - Eldersburg (@liberatores_eldersburg)

🍽️ Greenmount Station (@greenmountstation)


 Visit to learn how you can help.  

#PlatesOfPlenty #EndHunger #CommunitySupport #WestminsterRescueMission #WRMOrg #FeedingCarrollTogether #WesttminsterMD #Westminster #MaggiesWestminster #TwinArchTavern #GreenmountStation #LiberatoresEldersburg

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Dine out for a cause! Throughout July, partner restaurants like;

🍽️ Maggie's (@maggieswestminster)

🍽️ Twin Arch Tavern (@twinarchtavern)

🍽️ Greenmount Station (@greenmountstation)

🍽️ Liberatore's - Eldersburg (@liberatores_eldersburg) - July 21-27

are joining the Plates of Plenty initiative. Add a donation to your bill to support food security in our community. 


Visit to learn how you can help.  

#PlatesOfPlenty #EndHunger #CommunitySupport #WestminsterRescueMission #WRMOrg #FeedingCarrollTogether #WesttminsterMD #Westminster #MaggiesWestminster #TwinArchTavern #GreenmountStation #LiberatoresEldersburg

dine out for a cause


Post 1: Restaurant Participation Announcement 

We’re excited to announce our participation in the Westminster Rescue Mission’s (@wrmorg) Plates of Plenty initiative this July! Join us at [Restaurant Name] and add a donation to your bill to support food security in Carroll County. Together, we can make a difference! 

Come dine with us and help our community. Learn more at  

#DineOut #SupportLocal #PlatesOfPlenty #CommunitySupport #WestminsterRescueMission #WRMOrg #FeedingCarrollTogether #WesttminsterMD #Westminster 


Post 2: Mid-Month Reminder 

We're midway through July and so proud to support Westminster Rescue Mission’s (@wrmorg) Plates of Plenty initiative! Every donation added to your bill helps feed families in need right here in Carroll County. 

Bring your friends and family to [Restaurant Name] and join us in making a positive impact. 

#DineOut #SupportLocal #PlatesOfPlenty #CommunitySupport #WestminsterRescueMission #WRMOrg #FeedingCarrollTogether #WesttminsterMD #Westminster 


Post 3: Thank You to Patrons 

A huge thank you to our amazing patrons for supporting Westminster Rescue Mission’s (@wrmorg) Plates of Plenty this month! 🙏 Your generosity is making a real difference in the fight against food insecurity. 

There’s still time to join us! Visit [Restaurant Name] before the end of July and add a donation to your bill. 

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Post 1: Sponsor Participation Announcement 

[Business Name] is proud to sponsor the Westminster Rescue Mission’s (@wrmorg) Plates of Plenty initiative! We’re committed to supporting our community and fighting food insecurity in Carroll County. 

Learn more about how you can help at  


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Post 2: Highlighting the Impact 

Through our sponsorship of Westminster Rescue Mission’s (@wrmorg) Plates of Plenty, [Business Name] is helping provide nutritious food to families in need. We believe in making a difference, one meal at a time. 

Join us in supporting this crucial cause. Visit to donate.  


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Post 3: Encouraging Community Involvement 

At [Business Name], we know that community is everything. That’s why we’re supporting Westminster Rescue Mission’s (@wrmorg) Plates of Plenty. Together, we can combat food insecurity in Carroll County. 

Get involved today! Visit to see how you can make a difference. 

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