Our local business partners are a part of bringing food to the hungry and treatment to those seeking recovery. You often see these problems up close, both in and out of the workplace. Did you know that,

  • Substance use creates employee absenteeism, lost productivity and increased healthcare costs. It contributes to increased physical injuries and fatalities in the workplace. In fact, drug abuse and addiction in the workplace costs American companies $81 billion every year! (National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics)
  • Over 26% of employed adults have substance abuse or addiction in their family. Over 42% of these employees felt their productivity suffer as a result. (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration 2018 report)

As our business partner you know all too well the effects of substance use disorders and food insecurity. Thank you for supporting the work we do here by;

  • Standing with the Mission as a sponsor. Join in with other community sponsors like;
    • Fuchs North America
    • Penguin Random House
    • Chesapeake Employer’s Insurance
    • LifePoint Church, and many others!
  • Building a workforce community by volunteering as a team.
  • Providing Matching Gifts
  • Donating to the work we do