Care Team

Mental Health

Providing quality clinical care to support mental health through individual therapy and group sessions.

Spiritual Support

Providing opportunities for spiritual growth through chapel services, spiritual education, bible studies, worship, prayer and meditation.

Workforce Development

We use workforce development as both a therapeutic measure and personal development intervention to lay the foundation for a sustainable recovery.

Peer Recovery Support

We provide coaching and care that only another person who has traveled a similar road can bring through our certified peer recovery support staff.

Physical Health

We care for the health and well being of our clients through our on-site certified nurse practitioner as well as additional medical and dental care through our cooperative relationships with Access Carroll.

When a client enters the treatment program in WRM’s Addiction Healing Center, we surround them with a circle of care – a Care Team that works together with the client to support their treatment goals. Guided by a licensed clinical therapist and spiritual principles, the team works with each client to determine their treatment and case management plan which includes:

  • Sobriety
  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Employment
  • Spiritual growth

Clients are also provided with case management, using a person centered, team approach. Needs are addressed throughout the recovery process using an individually tailored case management plan developed with each client. Assistance is provided with obtaining IDs, getting re-issued social security cards/birth certificates, obtaining health insurance, housing, transportation, legal support, financial and employment assistance. Care Team members work collaboratively to support clients in addressing their needs.

Clients move through the recovery program, supported by their Care Team. Team members work directly with clients both individually and as a group. 

1-on-1 support

  • Within the first 2 weeks of treatment, clients will begin meeting with their Care Team members to begin the process of identifying goals in each area of care: mental health, physical health, sobriety, employment, and spiritual growth.
  • Depending on treatment goals, clients meet with individual team members regularly for check-ins and support.
  • Weekly mental health counseling, including individual and group services, is provided.

Care Team Group Support

  • Introductory Meeting: within the first 30 days of treatment, clients meet with their Care Team as a group to develop an overall treatment plan
  • Treatment Plan Check-in: Throughout treatment, there are periodic Care Team meetings with clients to discuss progress and next steps in their established recovery goals.
  • Transition Meeting: Looking ahead, clients and members of their Care Team meet to establish a transition plan, ensuring strategies are in place for a successful transition out of treatment and into a new, sober life.
  • Spot Checks: Throughout treatment, if clients experience significant challenges or are having trouble progressing in their treatment, the team may gather to provide additional support, adjust treatment goals, or determine if clients require a different level of care.


Explanation of the Care Team

A care team consists of members of staff that will help the client work on all areas of their recovery. This will include: 

  • Nurse 
  • Workforce Development Specialist
  • Spiritual Advisor
  • Clinical Mental Health Counselor
  • Peer Recovery Counselor
  • Case Manager