Everett’s Testimony


Before coming to the Westminster Rescue Mission my life was full of resentment and despair. I tried several times on my own strength to stop the vicious cycle of alcoholism that was destroying my life as well as my relationships with my family. I realized that I needed help and I cried out to God, whom I truly believe in my heart, by His loving Spirit, sent me here.

During my stay here, I have received a loving reception from staff and peers, who through God’s plan helped me to settle in and start my recovery process, along with chapels, classes and counseling with qualified professionals. My relationship with God has blossomed; I no longer have a desire to drink; I’m more focused on life and re-building my relationships with my family. I can only thank a loving and caring God for this. He pulled me out of a horrible pit, put the right people in position to help me. He is the good and gracious Father. I am redeemed and grateful.