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Dave gives his testimony at our Christmas celebration.
I arrived at the Westminster Rescue Mission the day before Thanksgiving in 2013. I was lost and broken. I had just spent 40 days at another facility where I detoxed. I had also been in an extended coma. My social worker, named Faith, suggested I come to the Westminster Rescue Mission – she said I needed to come closer to God. I didn’t know where Westminster was, I had no idea what a Rescue Mission was, and I had no interest in having anything to do with God. I hated God. Faith told me you can’t hate someone you don’t believe in.
One of my first days at the Mission, I walked into the chapel. I took one look at the large cross hanging there and I turned around, looking for the nearest exit. This place was not for me. I bolted out the back of the chapel and into the kitchen, in search of an exit door. I met another client there, Carl. He encouraged me to stay and give it a few days. So I did.
I listened to these people who taught us and preached to us about God. I found fault with everything they said and I challenged their teaching. Like I said, I hated God. My life was filled with loss and sorrow. I am the youngest of 15 children. I am Native American and German. Alcohol was such a part of my life and my family – I started drinking when I was 10 years old. I drank every day of my life. Most of my siblings died from alcohol related diseases. When I was just a few weeks at the Mission, my sister died. I wasn’t permitted to go to her funeral in California, because I was less than 30 days in the Program. It was just another loss. God hated me. My beautiful wife and young daughter were killed by a drunk driver in 1995. When the man who killed them got out of jail after 18 years in prison, all I thought about was killing him. My hatred and anger consumed me.
One night, when I couldn’t sleep, I went into that chapel at the Mission. I cried out to God and fell on my face. I gave it all to Him that night. Everything changed. Suddenly, the Bible I was being taught came to life. It made sense in a way it had never made sense before. I wrote a letter to the man who had killed my wife and daughter. I told him I had forgiven him, and I hoped that he knows the Lord, because I want to see him in heaven.
Now, I work at the Mission. I want to help the men who come here find hope and new life. Like I did. Faith was right.

chrisChris’s Testimony:    Before I  accepted Christ as my Savior, I lived deep in sin.  The older I got, the worse it seemed to get.  From a child I had always felt that there was something out there greater than me and greater than this earth.  However, my strong interest in history and science kept me doubting and from fully believing.  In my teen years, through the influence from others and so-called worldly standards, I drifted even further from God and more into sin.  I started doing things I thought that I would never do.  After the death of my only daughter in January 2009, I was driven so deep into depression and addiction that I thought there was no hope for me, for my life to be good.  Then in  February 2013 something clicked in me.  I wasn’t doomed forever and there was someone who could save me.  It was then that I made the call and trip to the Westminster Rescue Mission.  That is where I started learning the Bible and learning about Christ and what He could do for me.  A week later I asked  Jesus to be my Savior, and the work He had done in me is miraculous.  He gave me the ability to fully escape my  addiction.  He has filled me with a joy I never felt before, and has given me the wisdom and faith to know that He forgives all my sins and loves me and just wants me to do right by Him.  The Spirit of Christ has filled the holes in my heart I thought would never be filled.  So through this baptism, I am not only making an open public statement to my fellow Christians and God, but also to Satan himself.  That what once belonged to him, no longer does and never will!  I am a child of God and I will love Him and followHim for the rest of my life.  Glory be to God in   everything I do!  Amen.


steveStephen’s Testimony:  My whole life I had it all.  I had a promising future in sports and      academics.  I had parents who loved me and did everything for me.  The only thing that could stop me was myself.  There was always something missing from my life, a typical person with the gifts I had, shouldn’t have a huge void in his life like I did.  I used alcohol and drugs to fill that void.  I realize now that all I needed was Christ in my life, but the road to finding him wan’t easy.  In May I reached rock bottom.  I lost my job, my house and the ability to see my wife and daughter full time.  On top of that, I was charge with a DUI.  All of this happened in a 3 day period.  All of it was due to my selfish behavior and my use of something I thought I needed.  I met with Pastor Herb the next day to talk about  everything.  That conversation was different from all the     others we had.  We stopped talking about my faults and started talking about the Word of God and how much more powerful it is than anything else When I got home, I got my Bible out and started reading Romans.  “We know that our old sinful selves were crucified with Christ…We are no longer slaves to sin.” – Romans 5:6.  I sent a text to Pastor Herb and said:”Man no wonder this has been a best seller for years! This stuff is good!”  That night I gave up all of my sins from my past and handed them over to God.  I realized that I can’t do this on my own.  For the first time in my life, I felt at peace.  That everything will be ok.  God has a future for me and it is full of hope, not for       disaster.  I continue to follow Christ in my life and always will.  I am no longer a Sunday Christian whose battery is full on  Sunday, but loses power after.  My battery is always charged and ready to go!  After the worst 3 days of my life, I am content and at peace, because I found what was missing the whole time, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Being baptized today is an outward sign of an inward change.  Love you and God Bless.

CraigCraig’s Testimony:  I was very young when I started using drugs and alcohol.  Growing up in Baltimore, the youngest of three brothers it was an easy way to fit in and be cool.  But, as I grew so did my usage,  as well as, my need for the chemicals.  In my mind, they became a friend , a constant companion.  No matter what else or who else failed me, I felt that drugs never did.  I’ve searched my whole life for another friend who could or would fit into the hole within me like I felt drugs did.  Thanks to the Westminster Rescue Mission and all the loving people God has seen fit to place in my life, I have found the missing piece to my puzzle, Jesus.  Through His patience and gentle teaching, I have put the past where it belongs, behind me, and am moving on to the brighter days ahead.

Frank-testimonyFrank’s Testimony: The youngest out of ten children, I grew up in Baltimore City, MD. I didn’t really have a relationship with my parents, so being with my three older brothers was the only love I would feel for a very long time. At the age of seven I can remember that love being taken from me when my parents decided to separate us and gave me to an older sister to be raised. Two months after being with her, my father died of a massive heart attack. Then three years later my mother also passed. It’s sad to say but, the only loss I remember was the loss of not being with my brothers. I began lashing out at an early age. Feeling abandoned and unloved, my anger started to evolve very quickly. By the age of 16, I fathered my first son. By 18, I fathered my second son with the same girl. At age 21, because of my long time drug addiction, I did the same things my parents did to me and gave my children up. I told myself it is for the best. For the next 30 years, I put my heart in the hands of others, just to get hurt again and again. Those were dark days. Once while seeking drugs I was robbed and shot in the back and almost crippled. My life has been rough. I have spent over 16 years behind bars all total. All because I hated who I was and what I stood for. It was while I was in jail that I accepted Jesus Christ. I even read the whole Bible, but that’s as far as it went. After being released I continued to run. To run away from who I was and the inner pain and torment that followed me. My running wasn’t over until February 5th of this year. It was then that I arrived at the Westminster Rescue Mission hoping for a new beginning. Little did I know that I would find that and much more. While here I’ve come to understand that Jesus is the only one who can save my soul and fill the holes and brokenness of my heart and life. At the Westminster Rescue Mission, my day consists of morning devotions and afternoon and evening chapel, which I feel is God’s gift to me. I currently do my job/work training at the Thrift store. I also willingly volunteer my services at anytime. The balance that is here is exactly what I need. Being here I’ve gotten to understand what joy feels like and means. I have now chosen to carry that joy everyday instead of all the hurt and pain. I realize it is not about me, it is what God can do through me for others. I was baptized on June 9th . I believe this was outward sign to an inward change that is only possible through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Today I know God and I know hope!

“I was lost in a world of drugs and deceit, but God had a bigger plan” -Ryan

image002I grew up in a good church at home. My mom and dad did their best to raise me and my brother did his best to guide me. As I got older I started hanging around the wrong crowd and involving myself with the outcasts. I started with pot and eventually took up opiates and heroin. I was running from something but now I realize it was God all along. After being in a couple of programs when I was 21, I returned home after Thanksgiving 2011. But, I was still using drugs and I went back to my destructive ways. I continued to blame my mom for my actions and decisions to take the burden off myself. I was stealing money from family members. I was stealing from people around me and in no time I was deeper in guilt than ever before. One day my mom slipped a note under my door after a night I was heavily drugged. She told me “I know you’re still getting high. You tell me you’re not. I’m not stupid I just want to give you the benefit of the doubt; you need to find somewhere more conductive to your lifestyle.” The letter was a big eye opener. After a couple weeks of doing the wrong thing I decided enough was enough. I called and quit my job. I called my mom and told her the honest truth about my drug abuse. She told me she loved me and to get the help I need. I was so mad that even though I had gone to two other programs I was still on the wrong track. I called the Mission and Pastor Louis told me to come in. About a week later I arrived at the Mission. The first couple days I really saw how much I had messed up. I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ. The first month I wanted to be anywhere but here but after a month I didn’t want to be anywhere but here. God started doing some awesome things in my life. Now 9 months later I feel like a new person. I don’t feel the need to hang with old friends. I find comfort in the truth. I am not ashamed of who I am. I realize I am blessed and highly favored. And I need to take advantage of that. I’ve stopped blaming my family for my mistakes and choices and I accept responsibility for them as my own.