Volunteering with us could involve the following:

  • Helping in one of our stores, either sorting donations or behind the counter
  • Helping prepare and serve dinner to our clients on a Sunday evening, so that the kitchen crew gets a Sabbath
  • Mentoring one of the men through our GED program
  • Sharing the Word or music with the men in an evening chapel program
  • Helping at one of our community outreach events, such as our food giveaways or Holiday Box program
  • Helping with administrative duties in the front office, such as filing or data entry
  • Sharing your gifts, skills or special talents with our clients in such a way that could benefit the community here or lead to vocational training (e.g. information technology, plumbing, woodworking, appliance repair, automotive maintenance, landscaping, art therapy, etc…)

Residential Program

Our Men’s Recovery Program welcomes volunteers who are willing to offer services in the areas of Health Care, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Spiritual Formation and Discipleship, GED Mentoring, Landscaping, Information Technology, Small Group Ministry, Wood-working, Equipment Repair and Maintenance, Food Service,  plumbing and HVAC.


To volunteer at The Mission Store, on Main Street or at the Thrift Barn on Lucabaugh Mill Road call 410-848-8648.

Office Help

Our office staff is always grateful for volunteers who offer administrative skills.

Volunteer Application

Click here to download our volunteer application

Community Service Hours

Students who volunteer at the Mission are eligible for Service Learning Hours, and we are also able to accommodate some requests for Community Service Hours from the Court.