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Today I’m a free person, a born again Christian. I know that to be the Truth. It’s not just by mere thinking but by seeing things differently. The Lord is doing things I’ve never experienced before: He’s made me free and delivered me from the lifestyle of sin.



The Westminster Rescue Mission has enhanced and brought out new things I have learned about myself, so I believe I will be more of a man leaving than I was walking up that walkway to the Mission. Thank you to the community and the staff for your support. And I thank God for blessing me and for giving me a better look at my life and why I am still here.



One night, when I couldn’t sleep, I went into that chapel at the Mission. I cried out to God and fell on my face. I gave it all to Him that night. Everything changed. Suddenly, the Bible I was being taught came to life. It made sense in a way it had never made sense before.



When I came to the Mission last April 11, I didn’t know what to expect.  I knew it was better than where I was coming from. For months of the past year, I had been isolating, feeling depressed and anxious.  I thought about drinking and suicide.  I knew God was there but I felt so far away from Him.



Before coming to the Westminster Rescue Mission my life was full of resentment and despair. I tried several times on my own strength to stop the vicious cycle of alcoholism that was destroying my life as well as my relationships with my family.



First and foremost I give honor and glory to my Savior, Jesus Christ, who loved and saved a wretch like me. My story begins as a young boy who desperately wanted love and affection from his father. By the age of three my parents had divorced and by age seven my mother had remarried.



I arrived at the Westminster Rescue Mission hoping for a new beginning. Little did I know that I would find that and much more. While here I’ve come to understand that Jesus is the only one who can save my soul and fill the holes and brokenness of my heart and life.

John H.


Sports was a huge part of my life from age 6 until I was a senior in high school.  Football was my #1 sport and it seemed natural for me to do well without too much effort.  But, my drug addiction started right in my neighborhood and I was introduced to heroin at age 15.  I have been to 7 rehabs in my 17 year struggle, 3 of which before I graduated high school.



When I left Hagerstown and came to Westminster, it felt like another dead end. I was angry, depressed and suicidal. The first month here at the Mission, I spent my time finding problems with the staff, clients and the rule book. Then God spoke to me and I realized that I was the problem, not the Program. I started to read the Bible and pray more and more every day.